Hermes, Apollo and the Engineer

Three-dimensional power systems by Walter Kaitna become the starting point for a transdisciplinary installation, combining structural objects and images with light spaces, sound compositions and figures of movement.

Following the collective performance with Friederike Mayröcker, under the label ‘Trans Art Works’ Tanz Atelier Wien once again deals with the transdisciplinary collaboration of contrasting artists, this time focusing on the comprehensive oeuvre of the engineer and kineticist Walter Kaitna.

As university assistant at the Vienna University of Technology, Walter Kaitna had already studied stress distributions and elastic form changes in his own research, which was essential to his later artistic works, where he transformed his sculptures into sound objects and structural colour schemes.

The constructivist works of art by Walter Kaitna serve as a source of inspiration for the artistic creation of light, sound and movement.

With music by Claude Debussy, John Cage, Alexander Scriabin and Christoph Willibald Gluck, pianist Cecilia Li opens new soundscapes for the audience through thematically based compositions from classic to modern music.

The symbiosis of visual and acoustic art becomes evident in the interaction of music and chromotopes (light spaces) by visualist Victoria Coeln, who condenses and concretizes light in response to the sound, and thereby creates a strong visual language.

Choreographer Sebastian Prantl and dance artist in residence Alexsandro Araujo Guerra (Brazil) are developing a kinetic gait that draws the inspiration from the structural objects by constructivist artist Walter Kaitna, which are providing spatial points of reference. Thus the dancers are setting the different art forms in relationship to one another.

spatial concept/dance: Sebastian Prantl
installations: Walter Kaitna
piano solo: Cecilia Li
visuals: Victoria Coeln
sound: Michael Renner
coordination/public relations: Susanne Senekowitsch

[Tanz Atelier Wien, June 2012]

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