Trans Art Works

The sub logo “Trans Art Works” of Tanz Atelier Wien deals with interdisciplinary positions of individual protagonists/authors/artists and their manifold interfaces and contributions within the white cube of the studio. It enhances a research dialogue and functions as pivot point for variable experiments by transforming the space, thus moving it kinetically, tuning it corporeally, illuminat.. [Details...]

International ChoreoLab Austria

The International ChoreoLab Austria (ICLA) was initiated in 2009 by the choreographer Sebastian Prantl and the pianist Cecilia Li, who are artistic directors of Tanz Atelier Wien. Its objective is art-based research in the interface of body, mind and nature. The ICLA aims to lift choreography out of the confines of stage production and to expand it to the field of quotidian sequences of movemen.. [Details...]

BMA body mind anchoring ©

Over 40 years of artistic (physical, mental and emotional) experience is the basis upon theory and practice of BMA, developed by Sebastian Prantl – dancer, choreographer and practitioner.

.. [Details...]