H + H – homage to J. Haydn and J.M. Hauer

Both composers are initiators of extensive and formative music eras.

Their works live on in their scores. The scores are perpetuated and metamorphosed in choreographic, visual and textual structures. On the opposite stands the mimesis through dance without sound and antidromic choreographic material – like enter-exit dramaturgy, expanding itself, shrinking, swapping and drifting away. In form and content movable scenery gets arranged anew and decides about new contents.

The vertical dancing (definition: defeating gravity) is a psycho-physical feat – telling and resolving “stories”– coupled with tonal resonances. The melodic-horizontal elements of the stage performance open towards the front to create a closer relationship with the audience and widen the focus towards the back in the tradition of a classical illusionary backdrop with film montage and lighting effects.

A synthesis of fixed choreography and freely interchangeable modules, telling about human questions and their setbacks and outbursts. It is dynamic, highly expressive, accurate and laced with quiet moments. It is another one of the theatrical journeys at the Odeon in which Prantl searches for ordering elements in the relation between human and music […]”
[Andrea Amort, Kurier, April 2003]

Sebastian Prantl’s choreography (Tanz Atelier Wien) captivates the audience through its clear division of space and the harmony; it establishes between dance and music… It becomes obvious very quickly just how convincing Prantl’s and Li’s work really is […]
[Oliver Werner, Kronen Zeitung, April 2003]”

Sebastian Prantl’s choreography “H+H – Haydn+Hauer” integrates the outstanding dancers of Tanz Atelier Wien in a symbiosis with the music of Joseph Haydn and Josef Matthias Hauer. Like parts of the universe which, seemingly random, each have their place and purpose. Thus, Prantl unites the performers and their highly individual moving patterns in an interaction. Each character, in his unique way, seems to communicate with the others – and at the same time to inhale the caring piano renditions of Cecilia Li. Impressive.”
[Isabella Wallnöfer, Die Presse, April 2003]

concept/choreography: Sebastian Prantl
music: Cecilia Li
dancers: Celine Bacque, Stephanie Bouillaud, Ariane Funabashi, Virgine Roy- Nigl, Linda Samaraweerova, Filip Szatarski, Julian Timmings, Daniel Yamad, Othello Johns, Sebastian Prantl
lights: Martin Walitza
coordination: Katharina Greiner

[April 2003, Odeon Theatre Vienna]
[ Haydn Hall, Esterhazy Castle / Eisenstadt, 2003]



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