Corpora in coeli harmonia styriarte residency

Dance as medial energy between spiritual guidance, old-fashioned Catholic rituals and the audience: since the new millenium at the latest has experienced enthusiastic growth and new understanding in the context of European church liturgy, too – by clerical growth, especially from the “Third World”.

In this way new ways of seeing, hearing and perceiving are opened up in the spiritual experience of central European ecclesiastical ceremonies.
The remit of TAW’s Artists in Residency in the monastery at St. Lambrecht consisted in formulating a music/dance score for the monastery cloisters: Haydn, Hauer, Cage and Boulez.

concept/choreography: Sebastian Prantl
music concept/piano: Cecilia Li
dancers: Celine Bacque, Stephanie Bouillaud, Ariane Funabashi, Julia Mach, Linda Samaraweerova, Filip Szatarski, Julian Timmings, Daniel Yamad, Othello Johns, Sebastian Prantl Licht: Martin Walitza
coordination: Tanja Brunelik, Gertraud Morocutti

[Monastery St. Lambrecht, Styria, July 2003]


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