Myth and logic are still unseparated.
Metaphysics swings on the periphery of poetry.
Pictures of language flow into the music of movement.

coproduction with Werner Schulze (text und music) and Wini Koppensteiner (Dithrambos Choir)
choreography/dance: Sebastian Prantl
lights/visuals: Erich Heyduck
Simon Mayer (dance), Agnes Palmisani (soprano), Johann Leutgeb (baritone), Susanne Fazekas (flute), Werner Schulze (bassoon), Adi Schober (percussion), Feng-Chui Ting (Gu chen-Kanon), Manfred Tischitz (Polychorde), Hans Tschiritsch (Tschiritschophone), Dithrambos Choir und Hiroki Watanabe

[Wiener Neustadt, St. Peter an der Sperr, June 2004]


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