KAIRÓS in[ter]vention II

Inspired by “KAIRÓS in[ter]vention” solo/duo the KAIRÓS workshop company compiles its own characteristic embodiment of the lapse of time and on the special moments of life, precious to be discovered.

choreography/dance: Sebastian Prantl
music concept/piano: Cecilia Li
dancers: Florian Berger, Gordian Bogensberger, Maurizio Formiconi, Alexsandro Araujo Guerra, Gisela Heredia, Anja Kolmanics, Paola Picazo, Patric Redl, Martina Rösler, Manuel Wagner
video: osa – office for subversive architecture
coordination/VJ: Anne Wübben, Andrea Veit (PR)

[Tanz Atelier Wien, April 2008]


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