KAIRÓS in[ter]vention III

The choreographic material of the research by the ensemble forms the basis and starting point for works both inside and outside. A dramaturgy of time in the public space of the district (interventions and inspections at all times of day and night) describes an accumulative circle in which contextualisation, spaces and starting points arise, allow the dancers to open up new terrain, discovering and occupying specifics. The flow of movement develops from experience of permanent and new relationship mechanisms of places and of people, triggered by acoustic, visual and energetic impulses but also by confrontations. Ensemble configurations such as solo, duo, trio, group, duplication, reflection, and shifts in time and space are triggered, intensified and multiplied by the protagonists.

The choreographic material is deconstructed in manifold ways and put under pressure, it returns in new variations from day to day.

The research which opens with the studio format of zooming in on the audience, requires a certain “theatrical“ poise outside. The protagonists, with various degrees of experience potential and faced with this challenge, enter into manifold dialogues and contacts with the audience (both inside and outside). Coming from different cultural codes and in co-operation with the ensemble (Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Argentina, Austria, Germany, South Africa) the picture language is distilled and is raised to a higher power in the village square.

[District Neubau, May 2008]

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