MOMENT memento

In 2009 “MOMENT memento” functioned as a superordinate working title and generated new content for projects in dance/choreography/theory, music, language and installation.

There is a secret in the metamorphoses of life, in becoming and in passing, that something just is in a certain way and then changes – a microcosm of minimal transformations – spaces open up in the disenchanted world.”
(Karen Kopp)

Sebastian Prantl’s choreographic work with the ensemble of TAW is based on an improvisation technique developed by him (flashback technique). Based on the individuality of the protagonists, on their cultural backgrounds and on their experience, material relating to language and movement is created, which is then distilled and processed in diverse ways. It is a question of individual expressiveness, physical communication and of creating and regrouping complex networks: on the one hand relationships between the dancers among themselves and on the other hand of those between the dancers and the audience. The specific material is deconstructed again and again and scrutinized in detail in order to be put together again so that no performance looks like the other.

The starting point for the series was the studio showing of “MOMENT memento” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Tanz Atelier Wien in November 2008.

For 20 years Tanz Atelier Wien has stood for new, sustainable methods in contemporary dance/choreography, music and enhanced positions. On the occasion of this anniversary, the artists Sebastian Prantl and Cecilia Li together with the ensemble showed a dance (language) – music research which was exemplary for their creation.

“MOMENT memento” is a perspective for continual development and consolidation respectively, of recurring choreographic themes, whereby the comprehensive project title is split up into the following components:

Furthermore “Memory Pieces”, a cycle of pieces for piano by the contemporary American composer David Lang, is the starting point for a journey into the complex concept of memory.
remember – internalize – intensify – turn to one another – pause – content

choreographic concept: Sebastian Prantl
music concept/piano:
Cecilia Li
dancers: Paola Picazo, Patric Redl, Sharon Booth, Manuel Wagner, Nanina Kotlowski, Sebastian Prantl
lights: Erich Heyduck
coordination: Katrin Grubelnik, Stefan Astner

[Studio production, Tanz Atelier Wien, November 2008]

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