DYNAMIK! Kubismus / Futurismus / KINETISMUS

Sebastian Prantl opened the exhibition DYNAMIK! Kubismus / Futurismus / KINETISMUS in the halls of Belvedere with a choreographic parcours.

It’s filmed live by the video artist Raffael Frick. That way a lively transition of pre- and postproduction of this special exhibition occurs. The live recording is shown together with other films within the exhibition.

A performance was the special highlight during the vernissage: The dancer and choreographer Sebastian Prantl impressed with an expressive parcours through the exhibition, referring to the paintings and exhibited works “ (Wirtschaftsblatt)

choreography/dance: Sebastian Prantl
music concept: Cecilia Li
video: Raffael Frick
curators Belvedere: Harald Krejci, Patrick Werkner
photos: APA Fotoservice – Thomas Preiss
coordination: Andrea Golsong
10/02-29/05/2011 at the Lower Belvedere

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