Mozart’s string quintet g-minor KV 516 serves as the pivot point of a trans-disciplinary research project. The composer and performer Karlheinz Essl dismantles the classic score with self-developed computer programs into molecular particles, which he expands to ever new sound scapes. The deconstruction takes place as a real-time-composition in a spontaneous interaction with the dance artists of TAW – an investigation, whose development is completely open.

Further on, exemplary formulas of Mozart’s piano music are described and performed as algorithms. In interaction with the dance artists of TAW, Karlheinz Essl improvises with his lexicon-sonata, a completely new, highly-expressive piano Piece, which is played on a Bösendorfer grand piano without any key contact. Those digital generated sound figures are counter punctuated by Mozart’s innovative piano fantasy c-minor KV 475, interpreted by the designated Mozart interpreter Cecilia Li.

She is anchor and interface of the „alchemistic-kinetic” research in the context of Trans Art Works 2015. Further protagonists are Manuel Wagner, Beatrix Simko and others.

Concept and Realization: Sebastian Prantl
Real Time Composition: Karlheinz Essl
Piano Solo: Cecilia Li
Dance Performance: Laura Fischer, Manuel Wagner, Sebastian Prantl

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