Letter to Ophelia

Hamlet is set in various locations of the future. A virus has erased large parts of the population. People are isolated from each other, on the one hand to prevent the spreading of the fatal virus, on the other hand to preclude the eruption of uncontrolled emotions that would inevitably lead to violence.

Hamlet is emotionally and physically weakened by this isolation and the polluted environment, against which isolation offers no protection. Haunted by images, he is looking for a way out. He tries to remember a time in which communication was still possible – the piece is Hamlet’s poetic answer to these unbearable conditions of life.

choreography: Sebastian Prantl
concept: Kristin Lovejoy, Sebastian Prantl, Penelope Wehrly
dancers/performers: Corinne Eckenstein, Elio Gervasi, Dorothea Hübner, Aurelia Staub, Kurt Studer, Sebastian Prantl
spatial installations/lights: Penelope Wehrly
light/technical works: Martin Walitza
organization: Gertraud Morocutti

[Tanz Atelier Sebastian Prantl, October 1989]


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