Lu – homage à Erik Satie

Lu is Chinese for “the way”

Of the limits and freedoms of human existence;
of that which delights and challenges us;
of that which is limited in this given structure
of space and time –
given in a manner of only limited predictability:
space symbolized by activity – the drawing of a child;
ephemerality expressed in music.

Dance, through fleetness of hand and foot interlace to form homogenous togetherness and side-by-side existence, embedded in the symbolism of rocks.

choreography/dance: Sebastian Prantl
musical concept/solo piano: Cecilia Li
stone sculptures: Karl Prantl
performers: Silvia Both, Oliver Grigg, Shih Kun-Chen, Kurt Studer, Sebastian Jürgens u.a.
light: Martin Walitza
organization: Gertraud Morocutti

[Tanz Atelier Sebastian Prantl, October 1988; tour through Europe and Asia]



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