“Mouvements” are abstract dance pieces. They are created by condensing and differentiating freely invented movement material derived from casual everyday movements such as running, falling, rolling, walking and sitting. Condensation is depicted by means of “harmonious unisons” and, unlike the differentiation processes, through “contact improvisation” and soloist activity in time and space. Following the law of coming together and expanding, a sculptural formal language occurs repeatedly which often freezes in quiet poses, thus suggesting thematic references. The dynamics of the dance are directly linked to the music, without merely trying to transport it to a visual level. Musical atmospheres such as in the music by Mozart are interpreted liberally, with minor references to the classical canon. The result is an open dialogue between music, space and dance.

choreography: Sebastian Prantl composition: Friedrich Cerha, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dancers: Silvia Both, Sabine Bründl, Willi Dorner, Elio Gervasi, Dorothea Hübner, Peter Kern, Iris Koppelent, Silvia Scheidel, Isolde Schober, Sybille Starkbaum, Aurelia Staub, Sebastian Prantl light/technical works: Martin Walitza sound: Reinhard Köberl organization: Gertraud Morocutti [Secession, June 1989]

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