Signum 91

Before and between the different movements of Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in g minor, KV 550 (molto allegro, andante, menuetto allegro, allegro assai), show-like scenes escalate in banal climaxes that provide a sharp contrast to the many-layered themes of Mozart’s music. However, the composer’s music sweeps over the dancers repeatedly, imposing themselves on them.

Any definitive interpretation of the ‘Mozart material’ will be doomed to fail from the outset.

However, can sheer physical and mental concentration, the open and in a way inconsistent and ambiguous result of an homage prevail in the din of the Mozart year?

Signum 91: Not so much the setting signs as attempts to do so.
Signum 91: Sign and symbol, significant and symbolic.
Signum 91: A choreographic approach as an homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

concept/choreography: Sebastian Prantl
composition: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Jupiter Symphony
dancers: Christa Coogan, Jenny Coogan, Ruth Golic, István Horváth, Ferenc Kálmán, Sebastian Prantl, Miklós Visonati
organization: Picha & Partner, Coogan Dancers

[choreographic event under the St. Michael’s Dome of the Vienna Hofburg, September 1991; Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, October 1991]


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