FC 80 – homage to Friedrich Cerha

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of the composer Friedrich Cerha,  the TAW features three compositional periods of his oeuvre in the context of the Gothic church at Minoritenkirche Krems/Stein (Klangraum Krems). Exemplary compositions of three creative periods will be linked within the dramaturgy. Piano solo pieces (Netzwerkphantasie), Violin solo sonatas are combined with orchestral segments (playback) of the exemplary composition “Spiegeln I-IV”.

In Sebastian Prantl’s dance actions, basic experiences are demonstrated touchingly and will be lived through stirringly, experiences from which space takes shape.”
[Prof. Herbert Muck, Kirchenzeitung, January 7th 2007]

[…] With every turn of the kaleidoscope a new image appears, to collapse thereon, so that everything can rearrange itself anew.”
[Bernhard Dobrowsky, Kirchenzeitung, January 7th 2007]

To celebrate the round anniversary [of Friedrich Cerha], Tanz Atelier Wien […] has thought of something very special. Including space, they set the notes and musical structures- also the after vibrations in the silence – into musical and human relationships.”
[NÖN Krems, December 4th 2006]

concept/choreography: Sebastian Prantl
music concept/piano: Cecilia Li
dancers: Maurizio Formiconi, Alexsandro Araujo Guerra, Joana Manacas, Nanina Kotlowski, Layla Casper, Amelia McQueen
coordination: Karoline Gallè

[Klang Raum Krems, November 2006]


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