KAIRÓS in[ter]vention IV

In 2008 KAIRÓS is the theme and working philosophy of the artistic enterprise of Tanz Atelier Wien. After a studio setting and a production outdoors, the premiere of “KAIRÓS in[ter]vention” ensemble took place at the Festspielhaus St. Pölten.

For the Tanz Atelier Wien, KAIRÓS is not just the content of reflexion, but also working method and tool for stage investigation.

The analysis of the working materials dance, music and film in the piece “KAIRÓS in[ter]vention” releases symbols and narrative fragments. Questions are distilled that reach from Greek mythology through Christian-European Mandalas to pop culture.

The choreography is applied in a circle of scenes, with titles/logos like “A” und “O”‘, “Samba Bamba”, “Ananas Country” or “Mary has a little lamb”. The exact implementation of the scenes is being developed by the protagonists each time anew, in the sense of a re- and deconstruction of long rehearsed modules. The dancers pick up symbols as a group, but also in a soloist endeavour, to verify them in the sense of KAIRÓS: inspired space to find the right activity at the right time. The protagonists deal with figure games and geometrical space structures: duality, triptychon, square, five star.

Tempo changes in progress ritardando/decelerando and accelerando are determined by the dancers. The challenge is to conciliate the stage events with the scores of the pianist. Film images will be integrated in different ways into the plot.

[…] On the opening day, a world premiere was presented: KAIRÓS in[ter]vention by Sebastian Prantl and the Tanz Atelier Wien […] It’s all about physicalness, namely about energy from young, well-trained dancers. Prantl examines the quantity and quality of the Greek expression kairós – which stands for the quality of time. He trained the dancers to tell short stories in various constellations … Sometimes there are Dionysian moments followed by intense encounters […] Brilliantly danced, this piece evokes a certain feeling of freedom and candor, which can result from dance at its very best moments […]”
[Brigitte Suchan, Wiener Zeitung, June 19th 2008]

[…] In KAIRÓS in[ter]vention various encounters within the ensemble – seemingly at random – are the centre of the performance. Being fleeting moments or more intense relationships – these clear-cut elements cannot halt the flow of time […] The stage was opened up to its maximum extent providing the dancers with every chance to let off steam. This piece is characterized by juvenile temperament, light-heartedness and an unresisted desire for exercise.”
[Ditta Rudle, www.tanz.at, June 23rd 2008]

choreography/dance: Sebastian Prantl
music concept/piano: Cecilia Li
dancers: Florian Berger, Maurizio Formiconi, Alexsandro Araujo Guerra, Paola Picazo, Patric Redl, Manuel Wagner
video: osa – office for subversive architecture
coordination: Sonia Zelenka, Andrea Veit (PR)

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